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I’d like you to meet, Sheryl Clark, the newest addition to the JackieDeals family

Sheryl Clark of Boston Proper Announced as AdvisorI am thrilled and honored to announce the newest addition to the JackieDeals family, Boston Proper President, Sheryl Clark. Sheryl will serve as an Advisor to JackieDeals.com, helping it become THE destination on the web for women to shop and support women-owned brands and the fabulous female entrepreneurs behind those brands.

Sheryl is the powerhouse behind the Boston Proper clothing brand, overseeing the overall direction, business operation, growth and creative elements. In the past, she has worked for major brands with global recognition including Old Navy, Gap and Bloomingdale’s. We couldn’t be luckier to have her expertise with 25 years of management and experience to help propel jackiedeals.com to the next level! 

The moment I met Sheryl in her office, I knew that I wanted to gain as much knowledge from her as possible. She exudes passion for what she does and has a great understanding of what is needed to evolve as a business. She is warm, inviting and, must we not forget, she has killer taste in shoes. Sheryl is the very definition of an inspiring, strong woman and I couldn’t be more appreciative to have her on as an Advisor.

To read more about Sheryl’s experience as an executive, visit her LinkedIn profile.

For the official press release, click here.

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