Join Jackie’s Team!

Introducing Jackie’s Team! I am looking for some VERY special women to join me in supporting women-owned businesses. The best part, you’ll enjoy awesome perks for empowering women worldwide.

blog-image Want to know one of the best parts of my job? I get to meet incredible women everyday and share the love for all that they are accomplishing. You want to know what’s even better…you can join me!

The goal of Jackie’s Team is to help spread the love and support for the women featured on jackiedeals.com by simply sharing, commenting and engaging with my posts on your favorite social media websites. Really, that’s it! In return, you’ll get some crazy cool perks from yours truly.

Be a part of our mission because women-owned brands NEED the support of other women to succeed and inspire future generations.

Click here to learn what it takes to be on Jackie’s Team and what YOU can expect in return!


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