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How you can be a part of the #GreatHerGood

Support the GreatHerGood

Support the GreatHerGood

It seems like each day, whether on Facebook or one of our favorite blogs, we’re told about a new brand, app or—the one thing I can’t seem to stop buying—makeup line, that we must add to our bevy of  must-have items to purchase. And usually, there’s even a famous celebrity or ICYMI trend to help persuade us. While we all try to stay atop these latest trends, do we ever take the time to stop and think about who’s behind these “things” we spend our hard earned money on? I mean, who are we really supporting with our purchases? These are important questions because there’s amazing power in each of the purchases we make. Do we realize that when making them?

According to American Express OPEN, there are more than 9.1 million women-owned business in the United States. And based on latest US Census data, that means a little over one-third of all businesses are women-owned. Not too bad a number, but we can do better. Our passion at is helping fellow women shop up and coming products founded by fabulous female entrepreneurs. And while we do our part to support women-owned brands, such as OmAroma and 21Drops, there is so much more we ALL can do to help women entrepreneurs grow their businesses.

With the help of us women supporting the brands and businesses founded by the world’s most fabulous females, there’s no reason we can’t help the country reach business ownership equality. But that’s going to take purposeful shopping and purchases. It means being proactive in helping to support women-backed brands and not just buying the next best thing being promoted on Facebook. So, instead of basing purchases on the latest trends dictated by others, let’s make the effort to find a product that makes us happy, and atop of the latest and greatest trend, but most importantly, helps a fellow women achieve her dream of owning a successful business. This is what it means to a part of the #GreatHerGood!

Here are some ways you can support women-owned businesses:

Purchase with a purpose

We all know convenience is key. So, trying to find a women-owned toothpaste company may be more of a hassle than it’s worth, but when shopping for more personal gifts for ourselves and the special people in our lives, let’s try searching online specifically for a women-owned brand or researching the companies we’re considering to see if they are backed by women.

Share women-owned brands with your social networks

Be sure to share the brands and organizations supporting women-owned businesses on your social networks. We all love seeing the latest BuzzFeed video, but how about more cause-related sharing as well.

And while we’re at it, let’s not forget to support women- and young women-centric not-for-profits, such as:\

Let’s work together for the #GreatHerGood and put our money toward this cause. It doesn’t have to dictate every single purchase we make—remember everything in moderation—but we can make a difference if we put our effort into purchasing with a purpose.

What brands do you love and support that are part of the #GreatHerGood?

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