Angela Jia Kim

Angela Jia Kim

Her Story

Eco-beauty entrepreneur and intuitive business mentor, Angela Jia Kim, believes that the best beauty tip is to live your dream. She pulls from her experiences as an “accidental entrepreneur” who built the Savor lifestyle brand from scratch to seven figures, jet-setting concert pianist, New York City (not house) wife, and mom to a kindergarten CEO to help others from beauty to business at and

In 2007, Angela Jia Kim, a former award-winning concert pianist, became an “accidental entrepreneur” when a passion for creating organic lotions and potions in her kitchen turned into a full-time business. And then she did it again. Twice. Today, Angela is the CEO and Founder of Om Aroma & Co., an anti-aging organic skincare company, as well as Savor Spa, an eco-chic boutique spa in NYC and Woodstock, NY. In building her businesses, Angela found that her classical music training helped her to take complex concepts and create easy "success formulas" to solve challenges. From beauty tips to business tools, she uses her own businesses as a "life lab" to experiment and learn from, and then shares her discoveries and findings to help others create their own successes.

She founded Savor the Success, a network for women entrepreneurs, to inspire others to connect, learn, and grow in business and in life.The organization created Savor Schools to empower women along with success and productivity tools such as the best-selling Daily Action Planner.

Angela -- and her dark-chocolate-loving Swiss husband, 5-year-old kid “CEO” and beautiful yellow lab (named Ella Fitzgerald) -- live in New York City. Angela calls her life “Gorgeous Chaos,” as she finds the beauty of inevitable imperfection when you are living a full, savory life you love.

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