Christine Demaras & Janis Nagi

Christine Demaras & Janis Nagi

Her Story

We are Christine Demaras and Janis Nagi, owners and founders of Body Force Brands and Flirtys.ME. We love happy people! Forget the drama! Get on with living and loving! Be positive! We have always supported young women and women of all ages to follow their dreams. We all have the talent to inspire others, whether intentionally or because we have a zest for life that is infectious! We want to bring you fun, useful products that make you feel comfortable and happy, empowered and sexy! We love family, friends, relaxation and recreation. We want Flirtys to support your lifestyle and spawn new creative ideas. We invite you to enjoy this special sensual, happy product for women!

We are both active sportswomen and businesswomen and love the "stay put" aspect of our product; the no show and the no worry! A woman can have comfort AND look good too! Christine has been supportive of friends and family that strive to succeed at both business success and a love of life! She works hard to succeed and enjoys doing so! She and her husband, Greg, are busy raising their 4 year old, while balancing their fun, happy life.

Janis is thrilled that both of her daughters recently got married to amazing young men who thoroughly support their dreams! She loves to bounce business ideas off them! They really have the pulse of today's young market. They all share a great love of their alma mater, Duke. They are HUGE fans of The Blue Devils!

Christine’s Background:

In 2000, with prior experience in the equestrian and customer service industry, I NOTICED and grabbed an opportunity that appeared before me. I started my own internet business. Too naïve to be scared, I had no idea where this would lead. As time went on and people asked me what I did for a living, I said “I sell underwear on the internet.” One person (now my husband) spoke of me as an “entrepreneur”. I never realized this until I heard him say it!! As things grew, Janis and I partnered up to continue to develop the business and share the comfort.

Janis’ Background:

With prior gallery retail background in art and books and snail mail catalog experience, it was a natural fit to join my friend, Christine, over 15 years ago in developing an e-company. Switching from hard goods to a product that provides quality, seamless, comfort undergarments to women was an interesting and fun change. Through Chris’ connections in the industry, we took a product that had been discontinued and brought it back to life. We have just launched our new brand, Flirtys, which we hope will inspire and support your lifestyle with a happy, comfortable, fun approach!

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