Terri Kelly

Terri Kelly

Her Story

Terri Kelly’s life was anything but simple. With six kids and a busy real-estate business, she never stopped. She lived in snow country, drove big cars, wore big heavy boots, and shoveled lots of snow. When the last kid went off to college, Terri and her husband were able to relocate to warmer weather and sunny blue skies. They sold their big SUV’s and got rid of a lot of their stuff. They "simplified".

Terri took up yoga and quickly became fond of the lightweight yoga wear with its ease of movement and minimalist style. But she could not find anything to wear on her feet that had the same light weight feel and look that she found with her new yoga attire. So she set out to develop a "simple" flip flop, a soft flip flop, a "Yoga pant for your feet." And the terrikelly flip flop was born.

But they're not just for yogis. They are quite simply the most comfortable flip flop you will ever wear. They are perfect for getting you to and from, whether its rock climbing, yoga, golf or tennis. They provide that ahh when you finish your climb or your round and take those shoes off. They are the simple comfort that is perfect for wearing with your casual attire, around the pool, and running errands.

Women are now wearing their terrikelly's on their travels all over the world because of how comfortable they are for walking and site seeing. Check out the "around the world" tab to see where the terrikelly's have gone in one short year.

Developed with natural rubber, super soft EVA and thin strapping, this flip flop is light weight, and amazingly comfortable with a minimalist design. It is often described as feeling like wearing air. Offered in a basic black, a nice earth tone brown, and a bright Kelly green, Terri’s line is as simple as her flip flop.

Terri is currently auditioning for Shark Tank (in round 2) and creating a Kickstarter campaign for her new eco-friendly line. Stay tuned for exciting updates!

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