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Harper DefineMe Fragrance Review and Coupon Code
DefineMe Fragrance Review and Coupon Code
DefineMe Fragrance Review and Coupon Code
DefineMe Fragrance Review and Coupon Code
DefineMe Fragrance Review and Coupon Code
DefineMe Fragrance Aubry Review and Coupon Code

Why I Love It

I love how each fragrance has a unique personality. I think I'm a combination of "Audry" & "Harper." What are you?

Jackie Berlowski
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Product Description

DefineMe Fragrance is bringing personality + purpose to fragrance! What’s unique about us is we create scents meant to empower women. Each of our fragrances is named after what we refer to as IT-GIRLS who exemplify a unique personality, which we’ve translated through each scent! The intention is to be a wearable reminder of one’s own confidence, strength, passion + fear- lessness!

Another amazing reason to love this brand is their generosity with the DefineMe Dollar. For each bottle sold, DefineMe Fragrance gives $1 to Girls, Inc. Wear a fantastic fragrance and help out a tremendous program for young girls. What’s not to love?

Jennifer McKay Newton

Jennifer McKay Newton

Her Story

Initially, my life took a different entrepreneurial course...I graduated from College and became an Interior Designer in 1995 then in 2011 I decided to launch my first product company Pure Designs For Living which quickly became both a National and Inter- national success! I had an epiphany while creating my organic i am candle line with empowering affirmations. If I can create candle scents people love, why not create fragrances with the same intention?!” This began what would turn out to be one of the most creative, inspiring and challenging journeys I could have imagined...I was hooked! In March 2015, after years of blending and experimenting, I took a huge leap of faith and launched DEFINEME Fragrance; a collection of beautiful fragrances packaged as empowered women! The women, whom I like to refer to as It-Girls, are inspired by a new generation who are breaking molds and crushing barriers! I care- fully choose a name and signature for each fragrance that represents both the scent and the personality behind it, which I believe breathes life into it. The intention is to be a wearable reminder of one’s own confidence, strength, passion, fearlessness + to empower!

Why fragrance you ask? It started as an obsession as a young teen. Buying my first bottle of Paris by Yves Saint Laurent, OOOLALA...I feel so glamorous, so amazing... so French! How I loved that scent, it reminded me of my first trip to Paris with my 5th grade French class. I almost couldn’t go because my parents couldn’t afford to send me, but luckily my French teacher, Mrs Fox got me a scholarship so I was able to go. What a blessing that trip was for me. It showed me there was an amazing world out there that needed to be explored, by moi! Since this first bottle of Paris, I’ve had this secret desire to create my own fragrances. The idea that fragrances can remind you of a person, a place, a moment in your life, eliciting a visceral response has always fascinated me, I was enchanted! Lilac is my favorite scent because it brings me back to the best moments of my childhood when I was curious, imaginative, able to conquer the world!

Why is empowering women my passion? My life started out less that ideal.... At the age of 5, I was thrust in the middle of a chaotic and bitter divorce and did not have a role model or a mentor; it was tough. I felt like a little lone wolf pup raising myself. You can say I graduated from the School of Hard Knocks, learning everything the long and hard way. After years of falling down and picking myself up again I’m now in an em- powered place in my life. I’ve come out of it stronger, more confident and determined than ever. It’s my purpose to teach other women a truth that took me a long time to learn which is you have a brilliance inside of you and only you have this, you’re special and one of a kind...OWN IT! xx

The importance of giving back is a big part of me, so I’ve implemented the DEFINEME DOLLAR program. We give $1 of every bottle sold to Girls Inc, a non-profit that inspires all girls to be strong, smart & bold. I’m very active in the
women’s entrepreneurial scene, speaking on women’s empowerment and being a leader in a
premium women’s business network.

Since you’ve made it to the end of my story, I want to leave you with a couple random facts about me. I love sushi + chocolate, but not together. I have 2 adorable pups named Scout + Layla. My favorite number is 9. My favorite city is Paris, so far. I can drive a stick shift. I adore my husband and 2 kids and I watch The Real Housewives.


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