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Jackie of Jackie Deals

BlogHave you ever found a product or a brand that you just had to tell your friends about? What if you got a great deal AND you were supporting other female entrepreneurs? Umm, yes please!

When your new found love not only supports other women, but you get an incredible discount on their amazing products, it’s a win for everyone. This idea was born out of a love for fellow, talented entrepreneurs, developing, nurturing, and creating incredible products…products I felt compelled to share!

I am excited to introduce consumers to premiere brands on JackieDeals.com. Simply put…Premiere Products, Exclusive Deals & Inspiring Women. All of our female entrepreneurs are passionate, gifted and have worked pretty darn hard to bring their babies to market.

You won’t be overwhelmed pouring through hundreds upon hundreds of items either. I select only the best of the best which means you see only a carefully curated gallery of items you need to know about.

I invite you to come back often, as our exclusive deals last for a limited time or while supplies last. Have fun exploring the site and enjoy discovering premiere products and these incredible women!


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