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For Women By WomenIn a world where women are thriving and making waves in their professional careers, we are more empowered than ever to forge our own way, come up with innovative solutions to everyday problems and spearhead our own companies to record breaking success. Quite frankly, I don’t want to live in a world without Sara Blakely of Spanx! No matter how many times she heard the word “No” Sara kept moving forward and created a solution to a problem that several women needed. That solution made her one of the world’s youngest self-made female billionaires.

There are so many women out there leading their own paths and developing inspiring businesses. Here are just a few to remind us that it’s better NOT to sit on the sidelines. You can find out more about them on!


This dynamic duo created Hold Your Haunches Shapewear. This miracle compression shapewear revolutionizes the quest to keep our bodies looking their best. Erin and Jenny are two busy moms juggling everyday responsibilities like cooking dinner, chauffeuring six kids around town, oh – and running a high-end shapewear business. Before HYH was created, they both felt unhappy with their bodies and dreaded getting dressed in the morning. They both made efforts to diet and exercise, but what they really wanted was a pant that instantly slimmed and tightened their behinds. They did not have a background in the fashion industry or clothing design. They simply needed shapewear that they could wear out and look great in! So, the stopped sitting back and went out and created it! After several meetings and learning all about the industry, they made the pant that they so desperately wanted for themselves. Since then, they have appeared on Shark Tank, sealed a deal and have been saving other women’s behinds all over the country!


What parent couldn’t use a little help here and there?! Katie, a mother of 3 came up with a solution that most parents experience. Katie’s baby had spilled formula while in her car seat, getting it all over the place. When she looked at the care instructions it read, “do not machine wash.” While she was trying to spot clean and wrestle with getting the cover back on she thought “there has to be an easier way!?” “Why isn’t there a bib for a car seat?” So, you guessed…she created it!

Katie came up with her own solution by working with terrific experts who knew a great deal about fabrics. Together they developed the Nomie Baby™ fabrics consisting of a silky soft layer for next to the child’s skin, comfortable padding to help absorb spills, and a wicking material treated to make it water proof. Now, it was no big deal if her little one spilled on the car seat cover. She just pulled it off, threw it in the wash and put it back on the next time she cruised around town. Before Katie knew it, she had a product on her hands that parents couldn’t get enough of. A comfy, waterproof, removable, washable car seat cover so your car rides are no longer a messy, hard to clean, dreaded disaster of food and juice! Parents everywhere are thankful Katie sprang into action and saved our car rides!


Most of us like candles. They’re soothing, they smell delicious and who doesn’t look better in the soft lighting of a candle?! This innovator though, Ianthe Mauro took candles to a whole new level. Ianthe grew up in a bohemian home surrounded by theater, music, dance, and candles. Years later, after working as an actress, teacher and writer, Ianthe found her dream job; being a mother. Ianthe encouraged her family to light candles and make wishes every day, only to discover conventional candles were toxic! This discovery led to obsession and Ianthe created Objects With Purpose, “the wearable candle”. They are safe, non-toxic, clean burning candles made with coconut butter wax. This wax burns at a low temperature making it a soothing body butter when warm and a solid perfume when cool. Yes, you can light the candle then wear the candle! Ianthe took an item that she already loved and made it better. Bravo!

All three women are great examples of fortitude, strength and inspiration! If you have an idea, don’t sit on the sidelines…give it a shot. If you don’t, someone else will!

If you know of an entrepreneur that decided NOT to sit on the sidelines, let me know. If that person is you, share your story with me! I look forward to hearing all about it ☺

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