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4 Tips to Being a More Effective Entrepreneur (and less stressed!)

Be a more effective entrepreneur

Be a more effective entrepreneurGot a lot on your plate? We hear ya sister! Sometimes there are days where there are just not enough hours to get everything done. We know it’s easy to get overwhelmed, and think that life would be stress-free if all of our tasks were accomplished yesterday. Here are some tips to tackle the tough day ahead.

1. Write it Down

Sounds simple but I promise, this is extremely effective. Before you make your first move, write down everything you would like to tackle for the day. Once you see it in front of you it’s not so scary anymore. It will no longer look like a hot mess of stress in your head. Plus, this will keep your eye on the ball and relinquish any fears of having things slip through the cracks. A list will give you laser-like focus and there’s nothing better than crossing things off!

2. Tackle Tough Tasks First

I know, the dreaded tasks are no fun, but if you do them first you not only have a great sense of accomplishment but you will feel more clear-headed and mindful as you move to the next item on your list. The stress of the toughest hurtles are out of the way. Your day will get easier as you move along and that glass of wine with dinner will be so well deserved ☺

3. Get Rid of Distractions

If you have to turn off your cell phone, do it! That’s right, I said GET RID OF YOUR CELL PHONE (for an hour). When your friends are texting you about happy hour or plans for the weekend, you will be derailed and it will tough to get back into the zone. Put down that video of a cat running into walls or Amy Schumer’s stand-up and stay focused. Post “busy” on your Outlook calendar and let the concentration begin.

4. Look At The Week Ahead

Take out your calendar and start making a plan. When you assign tasks to different days, the picture becomes clearer. Now you know what’s coming and you can prep knowing that “I HAVE to complete this today.” You can go into each day and know it will be as productive as the last. Don’t over book yourself, but don’t spend all day on Facebook ☺ Balance is a beautiful thing and can make each day a rockin’ one!

What are YOUR tricks for tackling the tough days?

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