Time to Put the iPad Down… Please

What is too much screen time

Now I understand what other Mom’s have been saying for years about their kids and electronics. See…my son is 3 & ½ years old and while he’s well out of the baby stage, we are fully immersed in “big personality” toddler hood. Tyler is an amazing kid and I couldn’t be luckier to be his Mom. BUT… sometimes Mommy and Daddy can’t (or are too tired to) entertain our 3 yr old when we’ve had a long day, trying to make dinner, giving Tyler a bath time, get those last minute work emails out, and also have time to catch up with each other.

What is too much screen time

So what do you think we introduced for the first time? The Ipad! Yes, it has begun. Trust me…I was cautious from the start. This started out to be a fun 15 minutes of watching Spiderman after spending time playing and talking about his day. Once extreme boredom set in with his other 4,000 toys (after a full day of daycare, mind you) has quickly turned into a montage of statements I thought would never come out of my mouth…

“Five more minutes of watching Legos, then we are going to bed!”

“No Tyler, that is not “your computer,” that is Mommy & Daddy’s iPad that you can use once in a while”

“Are you crying because you have to stop watching Spiderman, or because Grandma is leaving and you will be distraught over her absence?!” I would put my money on the former.
As the saying goes…you give them an inch, they’ll take a yard. When it’s time to power down, Tyler has assumed ownership and (as adorable as it may be) says….”but Mommy, I love Captain America.”

scheduled screen time for kids

So what’s a Mom to do? I don’t think there’s anything wrong with letting your kid watch a movie and then having a time limit. However, I do think it’s a bad idea to let them claim the iPad for hours and forget the sun is shining outdoors. Tyler is not there YET, luckily…but the goal here is to prevent that from happening. Hence the reason for being cautious once we gave it to him the first time (created a monster much?!).

As a busy Mom with her own business, it’s nice to have that time after school to give lots of hugs and tickle him until he’s all laughed out. So, putting up with a little whining when the iPad goes “night night” is totally worth it ☺

Was it a mistake to give it to him in the first place? Do you set time limits on certain toys?

What are YOUR rules when it comes to electronics with little ones in the house?

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