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3 Reasons to Support Your Fellow Woman (and not be a hater)

Top 3 Reasons to Support Women

Top 3 Reasons to Support WomenThere are a lot of things I’ve learned since launching, but the most remarkable by far is what happens when women support other women. I am taken back daily on what a powerful tool it is to have the love and support of other female entrepreneurs and how it can inspire your own journey.

There is this stigma with women, that we are constantly in competition with each other, that we MAY be caddy at times, that we size each other up, and that we are harder on each other. To my enjoyment, once I’ve been open to receive support and give support, my experiences have completely blown these preconceived notions to smithereens.

Here are my top 3 reasons to support your fellow woman:

1.) Everyone has a valuable lesson to share

I’m a firm believer that people come into your life for a reason. Whether it’s a long lasting relationship or just a lunch meeting, you always learn something you didn’t know before meeting this person. When you meet another woman, listen carefully because she is coming to the table with her own experiences. She may just have one great nugget of wisdom that gives you a different perspective about your own business, your family or yourself. Make each meeting count by being a good listener. Embracing knowledge from other fabulous females can positively impact your life years later.

2.) Entourage isn’t just a show on HBO

People like to help and do things for people, not for companies. Your network of influential women will grow exponentially when you support the fabulous females in your life. Need advice, a sounding board, or just another perspective? You will have plenty of women to call. Need a resource fast? Send out a LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter message and watch how fast the answers comes back. Your network is where the real power lies and supporting your fellow females is a great way to start expanding it.

3.) All for one and one for all!

“There is a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women.” – Madeleine Albright, former United States Ambassador to the United Nations.

Smart woman ☺ Women are great leaders and now that more women are in charge, they are opting for inclusion rather than exclusion. Be reliable, speak the truth, have a positive attitude, be passionate, be assertive, and be a nurturer. All of these things come back around, and others will want to give you the same. Once you put it out there, you will happily get yours in return.

Women need the support of other women. We want to be inspired, we want to motivate others, and we want to collaborate. When women come together it’s a force to be reckoned with!


  1. I’ve found that the hardest thing is to open up and accept help, support, criticism and compliments. People may have their own agenda, but that doesn’t mean it’s a negative one! Great post =). I’ve been listening to Amy Poehler’s “Yes Please!” on my runs…it’s so funny and inspiring that now I’m that weirdo laughing while running.

  2. Great feedback Jen! Thanks for checking out the blog and …you’re not a weirdo. I sing out loud on my runs to whatever I’m listening to. I feel bad for the people who pass me as I’m belting out show tunes. Yes, show tunes 🙂

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