How to Enjoy the Most Important Time of Your Life

Making the most of the “second half of life”

The Most Important Time of Your Life

I’m turning 35 on Sept 8th (hello mid-thirties!) and as my husband will tell you, I LOVE BIRTHDAYS! Almost as much as he loves Christmas and the 4th of July combined (that’s a whole lot of love). Might I just add…I think everyone should celebrate their birthday for an entire week…actually the entire month. There’s nothing better than celebrating with friends, bringing people together, reconnecting and enjoying all that I am grateful for. I especially love birthdays now that I have a 3 year old son. Celebrating anything with Tyler makes it all the more sweeter.

However, for the first time, my birthday comes with mixed feelings. Not in a bad way…not in a mid-life crisis kind of way.

It just feels like this is the most important time in my life.

It feels like more than ever, every moment really counts and that THIS is the person that I have grown up to be. I am in no way done growing or learning, but at 35 I have a pretty good idea of what kind of woman I am. This person, that I am now, will teach/influence my son and lead by example. This is the kind of business woman I am. This is the kind of friend I am. This is the kind of wife I am. Mid 30’s is a crucial time, as it marks the end of young adulthood (and thinking that you know everything) and the beginning of the rest of your life…and, really, what you make of it.

With all that I have learned and been inspired by, I wanted to share some of the takeaways I have embraced as I approach my 35th year:

  • Be a really great listener
  • Laugh A LOT. It’s contagious.
  • Surround yourself with positive people that bring you up, not down.
  • Go back and do something you enjoyed from your childhood. It’s good to touch base. Think…before work, life, bills & stress got in the way, what did you love to do? (I love to get out and play tennis. If no one is around…I’ll hit off a backboard and run around like a maniac, just like when I was a kid)
  • Be willing to change course. If things aren’t going according to plan…that might be a good thing ☺
  • Don’t pretend to know it all. No one does. The ones that do are often wrong or just didn’t listen hard enough. It’s a great accomplishment to understand we are all a work in progress
  • Blast music and dance like you just don’t care. It’s good for your soul
  • Don’t take yourself too seriously. Have an epic food fight
  • If you fear something, do it anyway. You’ll come out of the other side stronger, more self-aware and joyful.
  • Love the moment you’re in
  • Be a great friend. Even though some will stick around longer than others, you met them for a reason
  • Be the one who cheers people on. Congratulate their successes and be encouraging when times are tough
  • Spend some time in New York City if possible ☺
  • Make sure you really love what you do. We were given one life. Let’s kick ass at it!

I look forward to making 35 the best year yet!


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  1. I totally agree. The mid-thirties have been a time of real self-reflection and saying am I truly guiding my own life, am I truly appreciating what I have. Keeping positive, inspiring people in your circle is so important! I’ll be celebrating all September with you =)

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