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What We Look For in a Brand…and Entrepreneur

Angela Jia Kim of Om Aroma

There have been quite a few questions about what we look for when it comes to being featured on JackieDeals.com. Questions like… “What kind of products peek your interest?” “What makes the cut?” “Why did you want to share that woman’s story?” These are all very good questions, so I thought I would take a moment and let you in on what we look for when it comes to our JackieDeals and entrepreneurs! This site was created to share great products you MUST know about, exclusive deals on these products and inspirational stories of the women behind them.

There are so many incredible entrepreneurs out there and we would love to feature them all! However, we keep an intimate gallery, so you won’t be overwhelmed pouring through hundreds of items. We select the best of the best for you to enjoy.

To be on JackieDeals.com, one doesn’t necessarily need ALL of the following, but we certainly try to check most off the list 😉

21 Drops

A Brand I Believe In

First and foremost, I have to love and appreciate the brand that I’m featuring. These are products I use/wear/eat/become slightly obsessed with/tell my friends about and have pretty much become a part of my daily routine or you’ll see in my closet…or kitchen. Also, it’s not that I only appreciate one of their products, but I need to believe in the brand in its entirety. These brands are creating high-quality, unique items that women want in their lives. 21 Drops is a great example of a brand I believe in. They provide different essential therapy oils for any ailment you might have. Take it from me, all of their blends are dreamy and work like a charm. From their packaging to messaging and everything in between…this brand helps people have a healthier mind and body. Who doesn’t want that?!

Objects With PurposeAnother example is Objects With Purpose. Otherwise known as “The wearable candle.” OWP candles were born to deliver non-toxic, conscientious candles that you can burn, wear, or massage. These are not your ordinary candles. These are safe and clean burning candles made from organic coconut butter wax. At a low temperature the wax turns into a luxurious soothing body butter when warm and a solid perfume when cool. The entire brand gives is a unique twist on a common household item, which makes for a wonderful JackieDeals addition.

Much More than Product

Being a female entrepreneur is a prerequisite, so let’s not forget the strong, creative women behind these brands. These savvy females are sharing their innovative products with us and usually wearing multiple hats at once. Not only do they pour their hearts and souls into their beautiful creations, but they also give back to their fellow females.
Angela Jia Kim, the Founder of Om Aroma, has her organic skincare line, an organic spa called Savor Spa AND she founded the business network for entrepreneurs, Savor the Success. This network for women entrepreneurs inspires others to connect, learn, and grow in business and in life. Angela certainly inspires others while on her own journey. She has connected women from around the globe through their event called Rock The World (can’t wait for this year’s event Oct 3rd in NYC)!

Photo credit: @saritacoren

Another great example is Rachel Mednick, Founder of Lucy and Leo. She created an organic baby clothing, skincare & accessories line. This female entrepreneur is committed to bettering the world in three basic ways. Lucy and Leo manufactures in the USA to support the local economy. They only use environmentally sensitive and organic materials, and for every garment purchased, they plant a tree with Trees For the Future. This fabulous female not only makes adorable clothing for your little one, but she created a business where giving back is a top priority.


A Great Solution

If you can find a beautiful, well made product that solves a problem… it’s a keeper (and it will most likely be on JackieDeals.com)!

Sole Serum is a perfect example. We love this brilliant mixture of natural ingredients and the relieving power of lidocaine. This life saver allows you to love your heels again even after wearing them all day. Just a drop on where those heels are pinching your feet and voila! It provides instant relief! The agony and the ecstasy of heels is real…and it’s Sole Serum to the rescue.

Sole Serum

What woman doesn’t dream of owning a comfortable pair of pants, while they make you look slimmer, smooth and tight?! Am I right?! Hold Your Haunches is the perfect solution to keeping our backsides looking their best. A layer of highly graded, no-joke compression shapewear is sewn underneath these luxury fashion pants, thus creating the rear-lifting, silhouette-smoothing, premier look. This shapewear is not to be hidden under your clothes, but to be worn out and about and feel fabulous in all day long. So…sign me up!

Hold Your Haunches

We have a lot of love for our JackieDeals ladies…and we are always searching for more! Don’t forget, if you want to apply feel free to submit your application! Click here.

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