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Entrepreneur Series: Ada Hung, Founder Balini Sports

Balini Sports Founder Interview

What was your inspiration for creating Balini Sports?

My passion for Freedom. I want women to express themselves freely, exercise in the most comfortable & fashion forward active wear so they can gain inner strength and express their beauty.

What has been your biggest success or rewarding moment to date?

Being featured on the cover of Yoga Journal & LA yoga Mag. We didn’t pay for any of those press, and knowing we were competing with 300 plus brands in US. We are very grateful and knowing our quality & styles & fitting have exceeded editors expectations.

What keeps you motivated in business, even on the tough days?

Gosh, I honestly don’t know, I often wondered how I stayed motivated and continued to deliver luxury yoga apparel despite our high production cost. It hasn’t been a smooth ride. I have a dear friend who is an astrologer and getting readings from her from time to time helped so much.

What are some of the biggest goals you have for your business?

To be in Nordstrom & Bloomingdale & Saks Fifth Ave.

Balini Sports Interview

Who has been your biggest cheerleader during your entrepreneurial journey?

I am part of B-school entrepreneurs program. Sharing & getting feedbacks and opened myself up naked have helped me to gain lots of cheerleaders. I love Marie Forleo. Recently, I shared my physical challenge, and also talked about letting go and trusting my team because I need to take time off to care for my physical body. She personally responded to my facebook post and also sent me an inspirational card. That meant so much.

Do you wear multiple hats in your business? Which hat do you enjoy the most? The least?

Of course. Design & production is my favorite and Sales is my least. Yes, it took me 2 years to finally have a good relationship with my fabric supplier because they do not accept none international brands. But now, I am enjoying the fruits I planted finally. It has been amazing knowing that I can deliver my customers the absolutely best products.

What is the one other profession you can imagine yourself doing?

Catering. I love being in the kitchen and I am fairly good at it. I thought about being a private chef and deliver healthy yummy meals to my clients.

What is your favorite quote?

Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.
Marilyn Monroe

balini sport interview

If you can have lunch with any inspirational woman who would it be (alive or deceased) ☺

Marie Forleo

What do you picture when you think of the ideal vacation?

Somewhere that has no wifi. lol

What do you love most about having your own business?

Freedom to deliver the most amazing quality I can possibly reach. I used to have a business with a partner that didn’t care about quality. He cares about cost way more and he is probably a better businessman than I am. But its not my personality. My supplier often teased me about the fabrics I want to use for Balini. It doesn’t make sense when I calculate profit margins. Even small things like flatlock covered stitches and the threads we use for sewing. They all make differences in comfort. My goal is to deliver a product I am proud of to human & earth. And I will stick to that no matter what.

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