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Entrepreneur Series: Sole Serum’s Tricia Andrews

Sole Serum Entrepreneur Series Interview

What was your inspiration for creating Sole Serum?

My background is Ad Sales and I was constantly running around in heels. They hurt! And while giving presentations I would spend more time shifting from one foot to the other, than focusing on my pitch. I needed something that could easily relieve pain in minutes, so I developed Sole Serum.

What has been your biggest success or rewarding moment to date?

This would be getting on QVC! I didn’t realize at the time how much of an accomplishment it was until I started talking to more brands who had tried to get on-air…and couldn’t. QVC is tough!

Do you wear multiple hats in your business? Which hat do you enjoy the most? The least?

Of course! I would find it hard to find a Founder of a business who didn’t wear practically every hat. The role I enjoy the most is in Marketing. To me, it’s like gambling: you put $X in, you get X in ROI. Sometimes our choices work great, but sometimes they totally fail. It’s fun to rethink where we’re putting our marketing dollars to find what works the best. And I’m still trying to figure this out if anyone can offer pointers : )

Sole Serum Tricia Andrews Interview

What is the one other profession you can imagine yourself doing?

Great question… I can’t really imagine myself doing anything else right now! But if I got to choose my next profession, I would love to go back into Sports. Throw me in the mix with the guys who broadcast “FOX NFL Sunday”. They’re hilarious and get to talk about football all day – I’m in! I’d also love to host LIVE with Kelly and Michael. Who wouldn’t? So basically, my goal is to shadow Michael Strahan. Michael, if you’re reading this, just give me one week in your shoes!

What is your favorite quote?

“Why Not, Minot?” You’d really only understand this if you were from Minot, North Dakota…which I am! I love it and I wear it proudly on a t-shirt. But seriously, I don’t think I would have 1/10th the work ethic I do if I were raised anywhere else. I’m grateful to have grown up where I did.

What do you picture when you think of the ideal vacation?

One where I can completely unplug! I find it really hard to step away from work (even for a day!), so it would be nice to feel comfortable enough where I can simply shut my phone off for a few days and truly enjoy a break. Hopefully next year : )

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