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LittleBits Creating a New Way to Play and Contributing to the #GreatHerGood


Women are doing incredible and life-changing things each and every day. However, there still seems to be this stigma that woman aren’t as technically savvy as their male counterparts. Ayah Bdeir doesn’t only break this stereotype, but actually destroys it with her company, LittleBits.

Ayah Bdeir founded her company, LittleBits, in 2011 after moving to New York City. Before creating her ever-growing, “new way to play” company, she graduated with a degree in computer engineering and also obtained a masters degree from the MIT Media Lab.

She is a brilliant young woman who decided to use her intelligence to start inspiring others to create and invent new things.
The whole concept of the business is really unique, but simple.

“If you can imagine it, you can invent it with LittleBits easy-to-use electronic building blocks.”


This is the quote on the LittleBits homepage, and I think it describes Ayah Bdeir’s intentions perfectly. Unlike Legos or other blocks that one can play with, the connectors from LittleBits actually come together to form electrical circuits that really work. According to the LittleBits website, there are over 60 individual bits and 10 kits available that people can choose from. All of the kits come with thorough instructions so they are comprehensible to everyone, no matter one’s education level or experience dealing with electronics. One is able to invent prototypes for different inventions, teach lessons about circuits, or just have fun with the family. It’s all about making science and inventing mainstream. LittleBits is on a mission to democratize hardware by empowering everyone to create inventions, large and small, with a platform of easy-to-use electronic building blocks.
They have several kits to dive into and experiment with, regardless of your age or electronics experience. It’s the perfect activity to unleash creativity in kids and adults, empowering them to build inventions on any level.

One example of a kit that was built by a family was a “bubble flute-a gadget”. This takes blowing bubbles to a new extreme. It was created so when someone sings into it, it magically blow bubbles. From space kits to light-up gingerbread houses, this is a great activity for the entire family as they can explore with one another, and flex their creative muscles.

You can even unleash your inner rock star. For the musicians out there, you can make exciting new sounds and build your own synthesizer instrument. This enables amateur and professional musicians to easily explore with new ways to make music.

Ayah Bdeir has clearly not only created a successful business, but an engaging community as well. She has created common spaces for people, in person and on online, where they can share their common interests regarding LittleBits. People can come together in groups to talk about their creative endeavors and even participate in challenges with one another.

Since this company has a kit aimed at every demographic, it appeals to all ages. With the holidays coming up, be sure to keep LittleBits in mind while contemplating your child’s or spouse’s wish list! Bdeir is doing so much to empower a new way to play and getting us all to think outside the box. She truly does embody everything it means to contribute to the #GreatHerGood.

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