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3 Reasons Why Women in Business Should Take A Lunch Break


We don’t know about you guys, but we LOVE our lunch break. The way we spend our lunch break certainly affects our productivity for the rest of the day and gives us that lovely hour away from the grind. Who wants to sit in the same place for 8-9 hours? Not us! Us ladies in business should own that lunch break and not feel guilty for doing so. Here are just a few reasons why you should enjoy this precious time and how it could benefit your entire day.

1. Fresh Air Results In Fresh Energy

If you can, grab lunch outdoors. This burst of fresh air will not only allow you to stretch your legs, it will refresh your attention span so you can return to your desk with a renewed focus and a surge in energy. We love doing this because it changes our scenery, and sometimes that is all that’s needed to spark our next creative idea! If you’ve done this in the past, you may have noticed that first hour back is among the most productive and committed. Let’s ride that focus until the end of the day!


2. Get Off Your Seat, it’s Time to Eat!

You have to eat right? Now is the time! No one likes it when you’re HANGRY (angry + hungry = hangry). Also, don’t feel pressure to be a hero and work through lunch..snacking on junk later at your desk and feeling totally depleted. You have to keep your energy up, fuel all of those great ideas, and produce work you’re really proud of. How can these things happen with a growling tummy and your hangry alter ego in full effect? It can’t. Remove yourself for even 30 minutes, grab a delicious lunch, fuel your body and brain and get back to work. You’ll be thankful at the end of the day.

3. Take Pride in Personal Time

This sacred time is for you and for you only. That means you can choose how you want to spend it. Many effective entrepreneurs and women in business take this time to network with others in their industry. Others decide to grab a few co-works and enjoy time together out of the office. You may even want to invite your mentor to lunch for a few words of wisdom. If you need time to cross personal errands or phone calls off your list, there’s no better time than your lunch break. If you’re a busy entrepreneur, time is limited and saving everything until the evening may not work. The point is, there’s no shame in your game. Take pride in the personal time and make it work for you.

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