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Entrepreneur Series: Kuhfs Founder, Amy Olson


Our Entrepreneur Series is about featuring the working women within our ever-growing community! This week is about our Kuhfs Founder & Owner, Amy Olson!

What was your inspiration for creating Kuhfs?

I was looking for a way to update the look of my old black boots. I was tired of wearing them but was not in a position to buy more boots each season. I looked for a product on the market, but couldn’t find anything to change the look of the boots I already owned.  I was walking by my closet one day and I grabbed one of my scarves and wrapped it around the top of my boots and instantly that changed the look of my boot. I borrowed my mom’s sewing machine, taught myself how to sew and got to work creating Kuhfs.

What has been your biggest success or rewarding moment to date?

My biggest success is bringing this idea to reality. I didn’t even know how to sew when I started this company and I had no idea how I was going to get my product made. I didn’t have experience launching a fashion product, building a website, marketing a product etc… Everything I have accomplished thus far I have had to teach myself.  I am very proud of that and consider it my biggest accomplishment thus far.


What keeps you motivated in business, even on the tough days?

My customers keep me motivated. I love to hear from them. It is motivating when they share in my vision for Kuhfs and let me know they love Kuhfs and what is does for their wardrobe and personal sense of style. Hearing from them let’s me know they have the same struggles as I did in wanting to update their wardrobe without spending a fortune buying more clothes. My customers keep me motivated everyday.


What are some of the biggest goals you have for your business?

My immediate goals are to continue to bring women a quality product they love at a fair price while providing superior customer service. I want to expand the Kuhfs line to include a Kuhf that will update your old button down shirt, jean jackets and blazers. I would love for Kuhfs to be a nationally recognized accessory brand that women know and trust.


Who has been your biggest cheerleader during your entrepreneurial journey?

My husband has been my biggest cheerleader and supporter along with my friends and the rest of my family. My husband is always there to support me , whether it is giving business advice or pitching in with the kids when I need to be away.  The rest of my family and friends are so supportive. They are my photographers, models, copy editors and sounding board.  I know I would not be where I am today without all of their support.

Do you wear multiple hats in your business? Which hat do you enjoy the most? The least?

I wear all of the hats in my business. As an entrepreneur, you are the decision maker for everything regarding  your business from big decisions like what designs you will launch this season to the smallest of decisions like what size envelope do I need to package my product for shipping. Some decision obviously have more weight, but in the end, every decision is mine and that can be overwhelming and stressful at times.


What is the one other profession you can imagine yourself doing?

Before I started this business and before I had kids I worked as a Physical Therapy assistant. I worked in the nursing home setting helping rehab patients after a variety of illness or surgeries. I loved my work  at the nursing home. I am a helper and receive great joy from helping others. It was a great profession and setting to work in.


What is your favorite quote?

Oh, I have so many. The dream is free…hustle costs extra. Taking that step from dream to reality is a scary one. You will work harder than you ever have as an entrepreneur, but the work is so rewarding when you see your dream come to life.

If you can have lunch with any inspirational woman who would it be (alive or deceased)? 

It would be Bobbie Brown, the cosmetic giant. I love her go get em attitude and drive to succeed. She encourages women to go for it with drive and passion and to not let the little or big disappointments derail them.


What do you picture when you think of the ideal vacation?

My ideal vacation is a warm destination, a beach and a margarita in hand. We all need to slow down and take time for ourselves and to feed our spirit. A family vacation at the beach allows me to do that. Relax , connect and enjoy time with my family. 

What do you love most about having your own business?

I love that I am in charge of my destination. I am working hard for my dream, not someone else’s.  I love that I get to pursue my dreams and passion in a way that I enjoy doing everyday. 


Don’t forget to check out more about how Amy Olson is switching up how women accessorize! Be sure to visit and learn more about her company here!

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