GHG Favorite Things For October!


We’re excited to bring you our new series, “GHG Favorite Things.” You can find us here every other week to hear about what we’re into and what you, the GHG community should know about! We’ll share recent events, publications, life hacks, and many other enjoyable favorites that have made our list.

Check out this week’s Favorites…


1. A Must-See Interview

We are HUGE fans of Marie Forleo. If you don’t who she is, do yourself a favor and Google her immediately. Her online show is called Marie TV and one of her latest guests was Grace Bonney, founder of the massively popular blog, Design Sponge, which generates 2 million readers per day…yes per DAY.

Bonney is also the author and creative force behind the book, In The Company of Women. Her book is filled with empowering stories from female entrepreneurs and first-class advice for those just starting out. I strongly suggest watching Marie’s interview as they cover everything from the “work/life balance myth” to what it means to be a digital entrepreneur. Bonney also shares invaluable advice for content creators. I just love everything about Grace Bonney and ended up watching this 3 times. If you’re in business, you’ll see why this made out favorites list!


2. The Power of Pumpkin

It’s mid-October and I’m sure by now you’ve had your fair share of pumpkin flavored indulgences. But let me tell you what we are DYING over every single morning….Martinson Pumpkin Pie singe serve coffee. Oh. My. Lord. Having this cup of heavenly goodness every morning for the last 2 weeks not only fills my senses with everything Halloween, boots and football, but I get to enjoy it in my own kitchen.


Since I like to roll out of bed and immediately put coffee in my face, we go with Keurig single serve cups. I’ve never been a huge Starbucks fan (sorry mocha latte lovers!), so indulging in this blend of pumpkin and spice 10 steps away from my bedroom, certainly starts my day the right way. They are only offering it for a limited time, so get it now pumpkin fans!

3. Women Empower Expo

Ok…talk about an explosion of energy, positivity and dynamite women in business! We attended the Women Empower Expo this week and we were honored to be in the company of so many empowering and influential women from around the country.


This one-day event featured 70 vendors, 50 keynote speakers, 8 fitness and self-defense classes and 2 fashions shows curtesy of Boston Proper. One of the highlights? Boston Proper had their own staff members model the clothes and strut their Fall/Winter looks on the runway. Real women wearing real clothes Love it!


The Expo’s mission is to empower women to collaborate instead of compete…to lift each other up in all facets of life, not just business. And boy, did they have something for everyone. This inaugural event took place in Ft Lauderdale, however, motivational speaker and founder, Alexa Carlin already has next years’ experience in motion.

If you’re near Washington, DC in May make sure you get your tickets early! We left feeling invigorated, encouraged and grateful for all the new friends we made. Well done Alexa!

Get your colossal dose of inspiration and event details here: http://womenempowerexpo.com/

Stay tuned for our next batch of GHG Favorites! If you have a friend that would enjoy any of the above, be a pal and send this to her!

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