PR Client Announcement From Jackie!

“Help me… Help you”

A funny thing has happened on my quest to bring my fellow female entrepreneurs together.

I went from being a seeker of others amongst us to share their expertise, perspectives, and ideas… to the one being sought out.  Maybe it was there all the time ready to come out but I wasn’t aware, or  ready to acknowledge this role. But lately it has become almost impossible to ignore.

It started out as a trickle of requests and has now become a steady flood. To the point where I am now working with a select handful of entrepreneurs helping their brands. The primary area I’m helping with involves their PR. Yes, PR stands for public relations, however I like to think of it as letting your Passion Radiate.


I think back to the days when I was working tirelessly to get my website out there and gain awareness amongst the masses (actually I still am… it never ends!). The ‘ol “PR push” we’re all trying to create for our own businesses and brands. Well for some reason (lots of reasons) I gravitated toward this area. After all, I did come from the media world of Late Show with David Letterman where I booked guests, received thousands of pitches, worked with publicists, etc. I also worked with a large radio group and booked guests nationwide like Yoko Ono, Rosie O’Donnell, Dick Van Dyke and the always entertaining Gary Busey.

So when I rolled up my sleeves to execute my own PR needs I did so with seemingly endless energy, excitement, resourcefulness, and fortunately… some nice successes. My business was featured on MSNBC, Lifetime Television, in Better Homes & Gardens magazine, Star Magazine, and several blogs. I am convinced it was because I let my own Passion Radiate.

The more success I was having with my own PR the more I was asked questions like… “How did you do land a TV appearance Jackie?” “Who did you contact and how do you pitch the editors?” “How can I crack the PR code and get my brand out in the media like you have?” Eventually I began to realize others were not having the experiences I was and more importantly many entrepreneurs could benefit from my expertise in navigating the PR landscape. 

My expertise, media know-how and passion for entrepreneurs can result in major PR power for your business just like it did mine. I can help YOUR Passion Radiate…and I’m just the gal to shout it from the rooftops. Other entrepreneurs deserve to benefit by landing high-profile media placements in magazines, television, and blogs. I understand the journey, from one entrepreneur to another and if there’s any way to elevate your brand together, what an honor.

For those of you that follow my blog, you know this girl is an entrepreneur through and through and let me tell you…I know how hard it is. The business owners, experts and brands that I have had honor of working with inspire me every day. You are busy building your brand, building your team, generating content, creating more products, balancing family life and staying sane at the same time. Unfortunately PR usually lands at the bottom of that list. It is a full time job that requires patience, passion and perseverance.

I want to help others get the press they deserve because I know it’s intimidating when you don’t know where to start. I want to help others because I’ve been there and I know how great it feels when you get that hard earned press hit. I want to help because I know your journey has been through endless ups and downs and it DOES mean everything to you. I want to help because you are going full steam ahead in all other areas and could use someone who cuts to the chase using proper strategies. I want to help because you wish you knew someone who is just as passionate about your business as you are.


Well, it’s time to let your Passion Radiate. Let’s get some PR!

If you’re ready to discover the next step and allow me to add value to your PR picture, feel free to email me directly at Jackie.berlowski@gmail.com

With passion and gratitude,


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