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Three Mindsets That’s Stopping You From Getting Press


Are you ready to make this year the one? The one where you land a huge press hit for your business? Well the thing that may be stopping you is your own mindset. Maybe you’ve been thinking about what it would be like to land on the pages of Entrepreneur Magazine, Oprah Mag or be featured on TV as an industry expert and think “But that’s not me”.

Well you deserve it just as much as anyone else my fellow entrepreneurs. So what if I told you it’s mind over matter? What if I told you it’s achievable if you approach PR with the right mindset and eradicate those little fibs in your mind that are stopping you from reaching your goal.

This can be YOUR year to land press and here are three things in your mind that you need to obliterate to make your PR matter… It’s simply a case of Mind over Matter.



1.“Other People” Syndrome

Publicity is not that thing only “other people” get. A lot of entrepreneurs get into that trap of thinking… “It would be nice, but my business isn’t press-worthy” or “Only Big Brands land on TV. Not for me.”  Self-doubt can seriously sabotage your chances of getting your buzz-worthy products or services in front of more people. Press coverage should not be viewed as this isolated, unreachable entity that only other brands deserve. Yes, it takes well established relationships, strategy and passion. But it also takes persistence so get out there and don’t stop trying. Don’t sit back and watch “other people” land PR.  It’s your time.


2. Crossing Your Fingers and Hoping for the Best

Unfortunately business doesn’t reflect that romantic notion from Field of Dreams…”If You Build It, They Will Come.” You can’t just exist and hope they find you. Recognize your worth as a company or a brand and fight for the PR you want. That means putting yourself out there with confidence, formulating a real PR plan with a pro and executing on that plan. I’ll reiterate that last part – it’s more than talking about it, it’s ACTING on it. It’s EXECUTING. You worked hard to brand it. Now, let’s land it! Put the same effort and passion into PR that you put into establishing your business and brand.

3. Overlooking Local

One of the biggest mindsets we’d like to see passionate entrepreneurs overcome is overlooking their local press! Don’t forget about your own community my friends. This is crucial! Your local TV affiliates and magazines WANT to celebrate local success stories! They are always looking for fresh, new content and if they have a local hero, a small business owner making waves or an expert in their own backyard, you bet they’ll want to be the first to cover it. Sharing your positive impact on your community establishes you as local brand master, builds your client base and reinforces credibility.  So don’t look past opportunities in your own backyard.




So get out there, roll up your sleeves, and swing for the fences. You can’t get a hit if you don’t step up to the plate. The best news is that we’re here to help. Every player can benefit from a coach and we’re ready to help you hit a PR home run. Just ask.

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