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We recently had a client ask…”Why should I make sure my website and social media channels are updated to get press?”

Great question! We know it took a lot of time to create that website a few years ago…and it takes even more time to post regularly on social media. We know you built your site, it’s fine the way it is and at least you have one, right?!  WRONG!

Having an updated digital footprint is not only critical to gaining future customers but it’s equally imperative for gaining press. Gaining press leads to credibility, awareness for your brand, momentum and eventually more growth and sales. Yes!

PR can do wonders for your business. It’s not only free (compared to advertising), but it is exponentially more powerful. PR is very much the art of storytelling – sharing your journey, your services, your passion, not only with the right angle but with the right people, and more now than ever – via the right platforms.

Times are changing my friends, and that also goes for the media landscape. With Facebook and Instagram alone changing their algorithms faster than we can say algorithm, the press wants to see brands that have real staying power.

Here’s why it is vital for you to post valuable content, post often and to keep your digital home (aka: your website) updated and engaging!

1. Digital Business Card

Think of your website and your socials channels as your digital business card. When someone from the press wants to check out your business or what you offer, they will seek out your digital footprint first. Have you been active on social media? What type of content do you blog about and what do you offer your customers? Can an editor read about you quickly on your About page? Do all your links work properly? Sticking to a Content Calendar can really help here. It’s all about planning consistent blogs, social media posts and updates to the site. When you post, think about adding quality vs quantity. Can your audience really benefit from your content? Keep it relevant and post on a consistent basis. If your site, blog or social media hasn’t been touched in ages, some may question if you’re still in business.


2. Build Trust! 

Your website and social media channels are the portals in which you can build trust.

No trust + no press = NO sales!

Your online activity is the only way members of the press can find out about your new product, see the passion behind your mission, read about your latest expert tips or read your inspirational story. An editor or producer would be eager to feature your brand knowing you have built trust with your audience. Plus, using proper hashtags, the right keywords and SEO techniques will allow the press to find you. Without an updated website or an active social media plan, it’s impossible for real engagement and creates a missed opportunity to bond with your customers and ultimately to build trust.


3. Go A Step Further

When it comes to your on-line image, it goes beyond just updating your social platforms and websites. Think about someone visiting your site for the first time. What would get them engrossed in your products, your services, or your story?

Think about this in terms of not just posting arbitrary content that gets lost in the clutter. What gets your audience excited? What story would the press and real people be interested in? What is your strongest differentiator? By offering content that people want to share, you’re allowing for greater online visibility.

This content does not have to appeal to everyone, but it should be genuine, authentic, and be important to your type of customer.

As Seth Godin once said… “People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories and magic.”

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